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Things to See and Do in Rainbow Beach
  • Explore the Great Sandy National Park: Take a hike through the park's lush rainforests, sand dunes, and pristine beaches. Don't miss the famous Carlo Sand Blow lookout for stunning panoramic views.

  • Go on a Fraser Island Adventure: Join a guided tour or rent a 4x4 vehicle to explore the world's largest sand island. See crystal-clear lakes, towering sand dunes, and unique wildlife.

  • Experience the Coloured Sands: Walk along the beach to see the vibrant hues of the Coloured Sands, a natural wonder formed by the minerals in the sand.

  • Try Surfing or Kayaking: Rent equipment or take a lesson to ride the waves or explore the calm waters of the Tin Can Bay.

  • Visit the Tin Can Bay Dolphin Centre: Witness the famous wild dolphins of Tin Can Bay up close and learn about their conservation efforts.

  • Take a Sunset Cruise: Enjoy a relaxing cruise along the coast while watching the sun dip below the horizon.

  • Party at the Drift Bar: Join the backpacker crowd for live music, drinks, and a fun atmosphere at the Drift Bar.

  • Relax on the Beach: With over 23 kilometers of pristine coastline, Rainbow Beach offers plenty of opportunities to sunbathe, swim, or simply relax on the sand.

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