Preparing your car for a roadtrip

G'day, mates! Welcome to "Aussie Auto Care with Koala Jack" where we're gonna take a wild ride through car maintenance. From changing the oil like a dingo with a fresh catch to checking the brakes as sharp as a goanna's claws, we'll navigate the world of car care. So, grab your hat and whip, and let's dive into the outback of car maintenance!

Crikey, mate! G'day, I'm Koala Jack, and I'll show ya how to do some routine car maintenance to get your Holden across this great land Down Under. Now, just imagine your car as a mighty kangaroo, and we'll hop right into it!

Changing the Oil

Imagine you're givin' a sip of water to a thirsty kangaroo - only this time, it's your car's engine that needs a drink!

Get your tools ready: Just like packin' up for a bush trek, gather your gear. You'll need a clean rag or paper towel, a funnel, and of course, the right engine oil. Check your car's manual or under the bonnet for the oil type and make sure you've got the correct one. Grab a sturdy pair of gloves too, 'cause we're about to get hands-on!

Locate the dipstick: Mate, the dipstick is like a snake's tongue, it tells you the oil level in the engine. Pop the hood and find the dipstick, usually yellin' "here I am" near the engine block. Give it a pull and wipe it clean with your rag, just like clearin' the sweat off your brow after a hard day's work.

Check the oil level: Alright, let's see if our engine is parched. Put the dipstick back into its hole, push it all the way in, and pull it out again. Take a squiz at the end of the dipstick, and you'll see two marks or holes—a high and a low one. If the oil level is closer to the low mark or below it, it's time for a top-up, mate!

Pour in the oil: Here's where the funnel comes in handy. Like fillin' up a water bottle, carefully place the funnel in the oil filler hole, which is like the car's mouth. Now, pour the oil in gently, watchin' it flow like a river into the engine. Take your time and avoid spillin' a drop. Remember, we want the engine to drink it all up!

Check the level again: Once you've poured in the oil, give it a moment to settle, just like a kangaroo catchin' its breath. Now, repeat step 2 by pullin' out the dipstick and checkin' the oil level once more. If it's sittin' comfortably between the high and low marks, you've done a ripper job, mate!

Clean up and close up: As the last step, wipe off any spilled oil, clean up your tools, and put everything back where it belongs. Close the hood with a satisfying thud, like the sound of a kangaroo's tail hittin' the ground.

Remember, mates, toppin' up the engine oil is crucial for keepin' your car's heart healthy and roarin' like a mighty lion. And always dispose of the used oil properly, just like takin' care of our precious wildlife. Now, go hit the road with confidence, knowin' you've mastered the art of toppin' up the engine oil, Aussie style!


Your car's tyres are its paws, keeping it grounded on the road like a roo's strong hind legs. Every once in a while, give 'em a shuffle, like a bandicoot scurrying through the bush. Swap the front tyres with the rear ones, ensuring even wear and tear, just like a kangaroo's powerful tail maintains balance and agility.

Changing the Air Filter

Time to tackle the air filter, mate, the lungs of your car. Find it under the bonnet, usually as easy as spotting a wallaby in the scrub. Take it out gently, making sure it ain't clogged with dust and debris, just like a kangaroo clearing its nose pouch. Pop in a fresh filter, and your car will breathe easier than a koala snoozin' in a gum tree.

Checking the Brakes

Your car's brakes are like a goanna's sharp claws, keeping you safe and sound. Give 'em a squiz, or as we say, a good ol' "gander." Look for any signs of wear, like a frayed kangaroo tail. If they're looking a bit thin, get 'em changed pronto, or you'll be in a pickle faster than a cassowary can sprint.

Remember, mate, when it comes to car maintenance, be as vigilant as a crocodile scoutin' for its next meal. And don't forget to give your motor a pat on the bonnet when you're done - a sign of gratitude, just like a wallaby nuzzling its joey. Happy motoring, my friends!